Our Six Step Process

1. Retirement Plan Assessment

  • Evaluate Plan Design
  • Document Review
  • Investment Analysis
  • Employee Communication Checklist

2. Retirement Upgrade

  • Review Plan Objectives
  • Recommended Upgrades
  • Establish Performance Benchmarks

3. Fiduciary Guard

  • Fiduciary Assessment
  • Establish Investment Policy
  • ERISA Compliance and Fiduciary Service Agreement

4. Market Monitor

  • Vendor Analysis and Benchmarking
  • The RFP Process
  • Expense Analysis and Vendor Negotiation
  • Service Contract Review

5. Financial Education

  • Plan Investment Communication
  • Fee Disclosure
  • Employee Financial Education Meetings
  • Individual Employee Guidance

6. Investment Monitor

  • Fiduciary Due Diligence & Reporting
  • Investment Analytics & Monitoring
  • Plan Level Asset Allocation and Recommendations

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